About Ronwyn A. Allen

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Many things have happened in Ronwyn Allen’s life though not much different from many other people. Life as an army brat meant many shifts of residence both within New Zealand and overseas. This is something she still likes to do today. Being married then divorced with two children in her life and full-time work occupied her for many years. Reading has been a major interest as has a variety of handcrafts. She uses her experiences in her writing to add veracity to it.

Joining a writing group at her local library about 4 years ago reminded her that writing was an interest that gave her great joy. Journalling had kept her writing but short stories, flash fiction online and during the groups encouraged her to start writing the book (or books) that most people feel they have inside them. Life has meant slow progress but a lot of learning about the writing process. This year’s goal is to finish the books she has started and ready them to a publishable state. Planning the total storyline should help this happen.

Jobs as a cafe assistant, carer, cleaner and best of all as a Registered nurse who also did time in the Royal New Zealand Nursing Corp (Tri-Service) have given her inspiration for many characters and possible plots. Some of the books under construction are ways to understand medical problems with ways of dealing with it from a layman’s point of view. Others include a lighthouse summer holiday with Things Happening for MG children and a fantasy book.

This blog is an on-going project that she hopes will help others learn some of the writing information that has come her way during the writing groups. Mindmaps have helped her learn subjects in a big picture way that can be on one page. Others have found that writing on the page when they had an aha moment during the discussions made it easier for them to assimilate and use the information.

Published books she has written or been a part of include:


Our Story Bag, by the Botany Library Wring Groups

51jzsmcP9dL._AC_US218_Photo by Dave Allen. Cover by R A Allen using Canva

https://www.flickr.com/photos/allenbak/with/22474053418/  You may find a picture you would be interested in using for a book cover too.


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