JTH 9: Inner Wise Writing Self


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The Inner Wise Self is the part of you that is positive, affirming, nurturing and nourishing of the real person that you are, not what society has made you think you are. As a writer, you can expand it in the writing area of your life and call it the Inner Wise Writing Self.

Writers had so many people saying this is not good enough that you can put aside something you love and enjoy doing because of the criticism. You can be your worst critic when you think everything has to be perfect the first time you write it when it is the editing and revision that polish your work to a gem-like state. When you start writing it is the start of a major learning curve. Just as a Master Jeweller would not let an apprentice on their first day cut and polish a large gem, a new writer will not write at the level of a best-selling writer with editors galore helping them polish their story before it is published.


Own the door to your mind and write your words for the world to see

If you love writing, keep doing it. You may never want to publish. You may want to be published and become a best-seller author yourself. Remember there is a learning curve you go through and just keep writing. Writing a letter to your IWWS (Inner Wise Writing Self) on a regular basis might just keep you going as you re-affirm you delight and nourish yourself with kind words. Men and women through the ages have left their written words behind for us to read whether they were in cuneiform, hieroglyphs, Greek, Latin and any other language or art. Why not you?

Writing can be healing and therapeutic. I journal most nights especially in bad times as it helps me figure things out, gets emotions out of my mind that makes it hard for me to sleep and reminds me that some positive things have happened in my day. Even the stories you write can change your mindset as you write about something you may have thought of doing but never have as your mind, when reading your words, thinks they are real experiences in many ways. The love you may have for reading (most writers do) enriches your life so your words may do the same for others.

If, when you are writing, your words trigger memories or actions you have not dealt with or have repressed you can use writing a letter to your IWWS to work it through in your journals. You may end up using it in a book as well because others have been through something similar and need those words to help their lives be better.

Write positively to yourself using your Inner Wise Writing Self

Write a letter to you daily or when you feel there is a need. Maybe you feel blocked in your writing. Pick up a pen/pencil and some paper to write on. Maybe even write with your non-dominant hand. What do you need to remember today? What is the best thing to be writing about today? Remind yourself of the pleasure you get from writing in any form. If today is a day when nothing is being written on your book maybe write a blog, write a letter, write in your journal, write an Op-Ed letter, comment on someone else’s blog. You are still doing something you love to do each day. Your Inner Critic can’t be heard as easily when you interact with your IWWS. SARK suggests you give your Inner Critic an Important Job that has nothing to do with writing or anything else in your life to keep them busy and out of your mind.

28th April 2020

Our Inner Critic is our worst enemy but it is inside us in our own mind. Yes, your writing may get a 1-star revue but that is only one person’s POV and they may be haters in principal anyway. Our IC pumps up negative thoughts and feelings about our writing. It tells us we are just fooling ourselves as no-one will ever buy or read our books. It tells us we are imposters if we think we can call ourselves writers/authors. It is worse than the meanest Mean Guy/Girl. 

One way to overcome this Inner Critic is to write a letter to yourself from the viewpoint of our “Inner Wise Writing Self”. There has to be some reason why you write very day as few people in the world will actually do that and most of those end up becoming authors.

That letter can talk to you about Wholeness. How do you feel if you haven’t written each day? You probably feel an empty hole inside your self and wonder why it is there. Writing is an essential part of your life that you came here to do. It’s like the marathon runner who trains daily who may have to stop due to injury – they get very antsy. A writer who ignores writing because of negative feedback will get that same itchy feeling of something essential missing from their day.

When I journal nightly I sleep better. The next day flows easily as I have written down what I want to do at the end of my nightly pages. I have written and thought about what is happening in my life, body and emotions. The more you write the more you find out about yourself, your life, your dreams /aspirations, emotions, hopes, love/hate or indifference.


Seek within yourself to learn

Your writing may be family stories to pass onto the next generation as your perspective is unique. I am typing up my father’s memoirs periodically and am learning so much more about him that I never knew or realised when I was young. I now know that the stories we pass onto our own children are unique even from our family members as different things are important to each one of us. Who knew?

When you are not actively writing a story you hope to publish there are times when you can get writer’s block which can make you stumble away from writing. Get a notebook and play around with handwritten possible ways forward. It helps the creative side of your mind come into play in an easier way than typing can. Typing is more mechanical than handwriting and you worry about getting it down correctly instead of just letting your writing flow out of you.


Bravery is needed when you call yourself a writer/author

The letter from your IWWS should be positive and remind you of your positive qualities, why you like writing, what you feel when inspiration is flowing and hours pass away in minutes. It can help you figure out what self-care will help your writing experience be better. Maybe you will find out you need solitude to write or maybe you did thousands of more words at the local cafe with the bustle of life flowing around you. Think of it as a loving letter from your Muse just using your hand to tell you what they already know about your writing and you.

Questions can be answered if you have that in your mind at the start. 

Why do I write? Because I feel better at the end of the day having created something positive that no-one else could have done because every human is unique.

Somethings you can do

  1. Pose a question. What do I need to remember today? What is the most important thing to write about today?
  2. Some say to use your non-dominant hand to write this letter but even I would not be able to read it if I did.  It might be worth a try though as you would write slower and concentrate on the shaping of the letters letting your mind hi-jack what you write down.
  3. I talked about using rituals for your writing time and you could create a specific ritual for writing from your IWWS that can be a bit different from your normal writing ritual. Use a notebook that really makes you delight in using it. The pen can be a different colour or type that is only used for the IWWS letters.

Positives about writing to your IWWS

The main one is overwhelming your Inner Critic who has listened and internalised the outer critics in your life. People are all too happy to tell you that you are too tall/too short, too fat/too skinny, too dumb/too brainy, too weak/too strong, the wrong sex, the wrong age, the wrong race. You aren’t. You are you and no-one else is exactly like you. At 66, female, fat, white, strong and anything else I have had verbally tossed at me means nothing. I write. Hopefully, I’ll publish a book or three. I have the right to do something I love to do and ignore those who say otherwise.


Writing with your IWWS will nibble away at those insecurities the more times you do it. They may pop up again because they have been in our minds for a long time and won’t like it when we dismiss them from our lives. Being kind to yourself internally will reflect in your external life. Your change of attitude can change your external life because you no longer look for the negatives you look for the positives.

You can stand tall, be noticed, be asked about writing because others know you do it and they are interested in getting started. Maybe they want to know why you do it, what you expect to happen and how can they get started also. Write that letter from your Inner Wise Writing Self and see what good things it has to say. Take what you write on board. Thank it for reminding you why you want to write. Learn and put into practice any good suggestions that come out of it. Rinse and repeat as needed. Go and do something nice for yourself because you are a writer which makes you just that little bit different from others. Have fun.


Be brave, keep writing

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