2020 1st January, A New Decade and a New Year



Not just one word this year but four: Write, Edit, Re-write and then when it is polished as far as possible Publish. I have spent a few years trying out this thing I love and this year I am going to conquer my procrastination habit and complete the task. In fact, in my writing group, I want all of us to be able to say we have Hit Publish. I want us up in front of an audience at the Botany Library where we meet, talking about our new book and being able to sell them from the table at the back. We have some very good writers that I want out there getting the kudos they never expected to get when they sat down to have a go at this interesting occupation. 

So it looks like I shall be making a To-Do list and printing it up large, in forceful colours and putting it where I can see it every day. I like to be able to run a line through a finished task on a list. I have been known to add tasks to a pre-existing list after I have completed them just so I can cross them off something.

What would your To-Do list contain in regards to your writing?

As a writer, you can, of course, take the top image to heart. For those who say they don’t have enough time to write try to do one handwritten page or computer page each day of the story, you have inside you. Let me know on 1st January 2021 if you completed a year worth of pages. In other words, you would have written your first book, yay.

Here are some of my To-Do list items:

  1. Print out my story with double spacing
  2. Put my full box of red pens close at hand to my desk so if the ink runs out I can grab another one
  3. Have a fresh pad beside my printout so I can write about what each page contains to find my plotholes, ‘babies to kill’ etc
  4. Work my way through the story until done
  5. Correct any problems found
  6. Rewrite as needed until done
  7. Decide on a proper publishing title
  8. Actually hit Publish when it is ready
  9. Figure out the best genres to use when putting it on Amazon
  10. Figure out the best keywords needed to bring people to my story
  11. Write a great book description for the same reason
  12. Get an Author Bio written that looks good
  13. Create social media, website, email list etc closer to selling time
  14. Finish writing the second book each morning and edit 1st one in the afternoon
  15. Get the second book close to ready before publishing 1st book so it can come out soon afterwards.
  16. Start and complete other stories in my mind throughout the year.
  17. Type out my father’s memoirs

Last year my word was abundance in all areas of my life and in many cases it was good. I felt I made a deeper connection with people in my life so felt my friend abundance was rising. Money at the start of the year felt better but you know what Christmas does to that feeling. It is gone until the end of this year so I shall feel happier about my finances very soon. I didn’t win any large amount in Lotto, boo hoo, but how many people actually do that.

I definitely had abundance in the number of words I wrote so hopefully there will be results from that later this year. Grammarly kept telling me how long my writing streak was and how many words etc they had checked. I need the paid version to get the best result from that so I will need to put that on my To-Do list also.

2020 made from healthy food on pastel pink  background, Healhty New year resolution diet and lifestyle

Unfortunately, I am getting older and small things can create big problems in my bones so there is an abundance of pain and a lessening in my normal mobility at the moment but I am hitting the gym at a minimum of 3 times a week so I am healthier and happier in other ways. Moaning does not create change though so I am working on ways of improving my strength and lessening the pain; aside from medication which I take as needed. My weight is heading down again so that is helping in many ways. I am eating less junk and try to eat food that is more nutritious.

That is another aim this year: to edit what I put into my mouth so less goes on my hips but everything else feels better. Hopefully, a photo later in this year will show that approach has worked. New Zealand has great food but unfortunately the good for you items can cost more. But I had a gastric sleeve so that I had less space to fill so the amount I need of those foods lessens as well. Lists are good when you are shopping.

My blogging tailed down in November and December so I will plan ways to blog on a regular basis. I might create a list of subjects to write about and some ideas to explore within that framework so I regularly post. I shall figure out a time and day that seems to give me a higher reader count as well. Why whistle in the wind? I like to write but it is nice to be read and get comments on my content. Have a great year doing whatever you like to do the most in 2020 as it must be a year of great vision.

What word do you want to use to set your intentions for this new year and new decade?


3 thoughts on “2020 1st January, A New Decade and a New Year

  1. I found you via Susie, so “Hi!” My word of the year is simplify, which is one that I hope to incorporate both in my writing life and in my personal life. It may be an idealistic intention, but I’m going for it.


    1. Simplify is a good word to have for the year. I am not doing a rapid sort out but I am read and passing on books I don’t want forever and I am sorting out craft items to see if I need or want them and if I do sort them into a better system so I don’t waste all day to find the one thing I want. I am checking out clothes shoes etc and I find as something leaves the house I get more relaxed. I’ll never be a minimalist but I won’t hoard either ( except keeper books)

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