Thank you

Why do I say thank you? I actually haven’t posted since the 15th of August but people have still checked out my posts. I’m back. I finished the first draft of my novel and put it aside to type into the computer my father’s memoirs.

I want to type all that he has written and then send copies to all the family members who want it. Interesting parts may come out in ebooks to be sold. He had a wry sense of humour so we shall see how it goes. Most days I try to type at least 2000 words or either side of that number.

It has been good for me to explore where he was at in himself too. One part he was talking about when he was living in a small cottage with my mother near Linton Railway Station. He talks about a party that lead to them helping a drunken share milker home and staying there till the morning so they could help him with the milking. dad had brought the bottle of whiskey that the guy had boasted he could drink with no ill effects.

It is not until the next chapter that he remembers to include the two children they had had since being married and living there; myself and my first brother. My second brother got his own chapter as he was prematurely born in Malaya in the 1960s and it caused health problems for my mother.

My writing group

Our local library is in the process of shifting its location in the local mall and they thought it would only take 3 weeks as they thought the area had already been done for them (not). It won’t open until maybe the 4th of October but since most of their building work has been running late I am wondering if it will be even longer. Some of our members in the group have hearing problems so I offered my place for the group as I have a table and enough chairs to accommodate everyone. Four people came the first time so I hope more come this time. Travel and sickness took most of them out last time.

One of the group members wondered if we could try to write a joint book so we may be discussing that tomorrow. I think it might be an interesting idea if you can figure out the idea, characters, plotlines, what each chapter can contain, chapter-ending cliff hangers, and use everyone’s personal ways of writing to enhance the story. We shall see what happens with the idea. I need to go to town and get a few sheets of cardboard to organise it in a big-picture form. Also, I need to get a mindmap version on my computer as my brother did not transfer it.

My life

Due to the library being out of action I have had to bus to the next town over, Howick, to go to my KIP ( Knitting In Public) group at the Howick RSA. At least I can drop off library books at the Howick Library as I finish them but it’s winter here so there is often rain that I am trying to dodge; not always successfully might I say. At least as an OAP the Government pays for bus trips after 9 am on a gold card AT card. A bit more freedom for me.

Recently though I realised it was 2.45 pm and a bus was at the stop which I thought of missing and getting the next one. That would have meant being caught at a time when the High School kids use the bus to go home. I am NEVER making that mistake again so I raced to get the waiting bus.  I attempted to get on the bus but the curb was low and the bus high.

I had a heavy backpack after buying 3 hardback books -Karen Marie Moning- and a few items at local opshops, my knitting bag with a long picture frame in my left hand and a bad back I am already having physio for. I try to get on the bus and my right leg doesn’t come up high enough initially. My left foot still has the heel hanging over the edge. The bus driver who is talking into his phone on the path starts to head towards me as he thinks I might just fall backwards. I put the bag down and use both hands and haul myself up into the bus. My heart was pounding from the near-miss of a fall so I swiped my card and sit down.

It didn’t feel too bad until the next day as I had done some computer work that afternoon. What I managed to do was a slight sprain to my Achilles tendon, pull my back and shoulders out of alignment and set my physio back again. Tim is a good physio and didn’t grizzle too much but you could see he wasn’t happy. Neither was I as it meant I had to up my pain meds and it disturbed my sleep because of pain. It is finally getting better but it has taken 3 weeks to do so.

Fun times

It was my daughter’s birthday yesterday. We had family and friends over for a lovely roast lamb with mint sauce, roast potatoes, kumara and pumpkin, minted peas, mint sauce and jelly. Dessert was cheesecake with mango decoration, kiwifruit pavlova ice cream from Tip Top, jellies ( tropical, blackberry), chocolate chip/nut cookies and her birthday cake was Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing. She made the cake the day before so it was perfect ( Virgo much). It was after 10 pm before people started thinking about going home. the conversation flowed around the table and was wide-ranging. No arguments ensued. A good night was had by all.

My daughter in Australia got a new place to live in and a new car so she is happy. Matt is doing well in University in Sydney, Maia has made new nicer friends and Cooper is going to school next year as he turns five at the end of November. Rebecca is still in love with her guy, Mike, so all is good.

I am writing to my heart’s content, knitting or doing crafts I like, looking at too much social media for me and not enough in other people’s minds. I go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with my neighbour and other days as I want  ( 80 minutes today). I find going to the gym gets my brain going for my writing. It helps me lose weight too if I am consistent and my muscles get stronger which helps to prevents falls like that one that almost happened when I got on the bus. Without the library, I need other excuses for a walk into town to increase my steps amount but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I have a good excuse today though so I shall end this post and go while the sun is shining and the rain is not here. Have a good day.

What do you in your daily life?

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