Friday Writing Group Prompt – Twisted Wire

twisted wire1

Twisted wire was the prompt. Here’s my poem.

Twisted Wire



All balled up

In a heap

At the back of the shed.

Who did this?

Useless pile of junk now

Too tangled

To fence with,


Maybe if he

Stapled it to the remains

Of the varnished macrocarpa stump,

Put it outside the gate

On the honesty stall

With a placard

“Farm sculpture: ‘Twisted Life’ $50”

Some city type

Wanting country style

Would buy the damn thing.

At least

The twisted wire

Would bring something

Useful back into the farm.


The group came up with many topics including kidnapping. I continue to be amazed at the strange places others and myself go to when given the prompts as we only have a short time. Some great stories are read out and critiqued.

There are many much more beautiful wire sculptures out on the net so I thought I might show you some of them and let you check them out.

Bored panda collection



Animals and octopus


Reading and nature


Put ‘twisted wire sculpture’ in the search box  ( I used Google)and be prepared to be amazed at the creativity displayed before you on the screen.

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